Wednesday, 8 October 2008

One week, one house move later....

Oh bejesus. Since the beginning of time has there ever been anything more excruciatingly stressful as moving house. In prehistoric times, did homo-erectus get those furrowed lines on his brow by trying to enlist the services of the local removal mammoth to move his collection of clubs and leopard skins from one cave to another more spacious cave up the road.

Lordy lord. Firstly, you have to sift through everything you own, you must hold all those trinkets you have accumulated throughout the years up to the light, the concert tickets, broken toys, and general mish-mash of knick-knackery that gets dragged behind the trawler of mementos that you have become, and then in an instant make a judgement call to whether it stays, or goes. Forever. The stuff that stays must then be lifted, put down, lifted and then put down again. To facilitate some of the lifting up and putting down of the bulkier objects you may have to take windows out of their frames whilst you stand in the rain, trying not to cry because its only ten in the morning and you have a whole day of this ahead.

And when the trinkets and bulky bits finally settle in their new home, you will also find yourself in your new home, a stranger in a strange pad, typing away on a bad laptop, casting fleeting glances at the door as you have a feeling that someone is going to walk through the door ask why the hell are you blogging in their house.

In other news, Nintendo announced their new DS as predicted by the very respectable Japanese financial paper. For some it was underwhelming, for others (i.e. moi) plans are already being formulated to queue for the midnight release in spring ( IN YOUR FACE USA! ).

More at ten.

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