Friday, 14 November 2008

3D 360 degree New York 21st Century shit bitch!

My awe gland just twitched a bit at this, and maybe its the Corona Cerveza speaking, but this is definitely the most awesome thing I have seen today. Im so pissed that it took me a couple of minutes to click on the video and move around. By Jove, this century is sweet!

Thank you Jai for the link. Superduperultrawesome!

Saturday, 8 November 2008

I made this!

Taboolians : They like to get down.

I have just started feeling my way around Spore, and its level of funkatude is pretty high. Although some of the stages do feel like diet versions of other gametypes, the creation tools are so easy to use and are inherently fun enough to carry the whole package.

Also, I have just made a video of my beloved Taboolian partying like its 2999, and uploaded it to youtube. This marks the first time I have uploaded any video of any type to youtube and I have a smug warm glow that is generally reserved for when I create a totally kick ass rota! Hell yeah!
I can't believe I just typed that.

Wednesday, 29 October 2008

The Unfinished Swan

The Unfinished Swan - Tech Demo 9/2008 from Ian Dallas on Vimeo.

No posts this month! I really must try harder. Anyway, this video is for a game called The Unfinished Swan. It was shown off at TGS, and I picked up the link from those good fellas at Giantbomb. Apparently it was made by just one single solitary dude by the name of Ian Dallas using some of Microsofts XNA magic. The indie scene is alive! I love this abstract gaming shit, check it out.

Wednesday, 8 October 2008

One week, one house move later....

Oh bejesus. Since the beginning of time has there ever been anything more excruciatingly stressful as moving house. In prehistoric times, did homo-erectus get those furrowed lines on his brow by trying to enlist the services of the local removal mammoth to move his collection of clubs and leopard skins from one cave to another more spacious cave up the road.

Lordy lord. Firstly, you have to sift through everything you own, you must hold all those trinkets you have accumulated throughout the years up to the light, the concert tickets, broken toys, and general mish-mash of knick-knackery that gets dragged behind the trawler of mementos that you have become, and then in an instant make a judgement call to whether it stays, or goes. Forever. The stuff that stays must then be lifted, put down, lifted and then put down again. To facilitate some of the lifting up and putting down of the bulkier objects you may have to take windows out of their frames whilst you stand in the rain, trying not to cry because its only ten in the morning and you have a whole day of this ahead.

And when the trinkets and bulky bits finally settle in their new home, you will also find yourself in your new home, a stranger in a strange pad, typing away on a bad laptop, casting fleeting glances at the door as you have a feeling that someone is going to walk through the door ask why the hell are you blogging in their house.

In other news, Nintendo announced their new DS as predicted by the very respectable Japanese financial paper. For some it was underwhelming, for others (i.e. moi) plans are already being formulated to queue for the midnight release in spring ( IN YOUR FACE USA! ).

More at ten.

Monday, 29 September 2008

More DS fan concepts : DS Compact

Whist on my fevered search for all new DS related news, I found this video for the "DS compact" which was posted in the murky past of December last year. If this existed I don't think my missus would be able look at her DS lite again. Check it out...

Sunday, 28 September 2008

Nintendo DS Revamp

New DS with Camera, MP3's, Buzz Saw.

Ahead of the Nintendo Event this Thursday, the tinterweb is abuzz today with the news that Nintendo are planning to launch a new model of their popular handheld console. And what rumor mongering website has leaked this news? Well, Nikkei of course, Japan's premier economic newspaper.

According to their article, this new DS will come with an embedded camera and will feature the ability to play MP3s from a SD memory card. They also suggest that the camera will have some functionality in a new wave of DS games, something similar to what Nintendo tried to achieve 10 years ago with the Game Boy Camera. But probably not crap. There are also rumors (and these are rumors) that the two screens will be made bigger, and the top screen will also be a touch screen.

In the past Nintendo have regularly provided updates to their handheld consoles, and going by previous timescales the DS is probably just about due a revamp. What is unclear at this stage is whether this is an upgrade, or a new model akin to Nintendo's move from the Game Boy Advance to the DS. The timing of this announcement also comes as Apple have started making some serious money on selling games on the app store for the iPhone encroaching on Nintendo's territory. Now it seems that Nintendo are fighting back on this by putting music functionality into the little console. Maybe we may see a Nintendo version of iTunes that can be accessed through the Wii?

The downside of this news is that this is probably Nintendo's big announcement that was due this Thursday coming, and I had all of my limbs crossed that it was going to be another Zelda. One of the most pleasant side effects of today's news though is how the forums are filling up with ideas about the DS new design. This is my favorite redesign so far....

Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Sex! Drugs! Violence! My kinda DS game!

Dan Houser, one of the Dons of Rockstar games, has said today that the DS version of GTA will not be the watered down, nimbly-pimbly effort that we all feared it would be when its existence was announced at E3.

Speaking to Edge Magazine, Houser stated that GTA : Chinatown Wars "can’t be softened to make it family-friendly – that’s not the game we’re making. We’ve never not done well by sticking to our guns.”
Never not done well, eh?

Houser also revealed that everyone's favourite nimbly-pimbly, watered down game company are totally down with the mature direction they are taking, "Nintendo wanted us to make GTA, and we wanted to make a game on their platform. They didn’t want us to make a GTA for kids, and we weren’t interested in making a game we wouldn’t normally make.”

This news is hardly surprising given that Rockstar are hardly renowned for compromising on their games (Manhunt, Bully) and that there are already a number of mature rated games on the DS (Dementium : The Ward, Mortal Kombat, Resident Evil : Deadly Silence), but im sure that this is a fact that The Mail will gleefully ignore if they ever get hold of this info. Shhhh, please don't tell them....

I am aware that my burgeoning blog is turning into a GTA : Chinatown forum for my excited DS sandbox rantings, but I will make sure I will write about something else soon. Maybe about how tickled I am that Phoenix Wright : Trials and Tribulations is coming to Europe next week. It's almost time to stand in my underwear and shouting "objection!" at my DS again. I cannot wait.

UPDATE 25/09/2008 2241 : Oh golly gosh. It looks like the Sun got there first, proclaiming "FURY OVER DRUG DEAL VID GAME".