Saturday, 20 September 2008

GTA : Chinatown Wars images

Some slightly wonky and mostly grainy images of the GTA : Chinatown Wars have started popping up on the tinterweb.

The screens which appear on Nintendo Everything show that the DS version is played from a similar top down perspective of the original PC versions and subsequent Game Boy Advance iterations of GTA, which was to be expected given the limited graphical power of Nintendo's plucky little system. The game will also have a cel shaded art style, and it seems that the story will be related through comic book panels on the touch screen, with dialog appearing on the top screen.

The mini-map looks as if it was lifted from straight from GTA 4, but it does appear to lack the sat nav that was so very useful in the last game, so I expect to be consulting an actual old-school map, which might be a bit awkward on the train. The images also reveal some of the touch screen interaction we can expect in the final game with what appears to be a tattooing mini game and a machine gun being retrieved from a dumpster.

Everyones favorite murder simulator is being developed by Rockstar Leeds, it will be corrupting young minds early 2009 and it's looking pretty neat.

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